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This is the 1st Day of the Rest of My life…?…


Buenas yan Hafa Adai Daddy God!  I SO DELIGHT IN YOU LOVER OF MY SOUL!  You bless me SO EXCEEDINGLY, EVER ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE & BEYOND WHATEVER I could think or imagine.  THANK THANK THANK U 4 PEACEFUL SLEEP!  I fell asleep on the couch last night, and my GOLDEN (a.k.a. Best Hubby in the Universe) carried me up the flight of stairs & I’ve had the best sleep I’ve ever had since being on the Friendliest Place in the Galaxy!!!

A month ago, I had learned from a recent MRI that there was slight growth in the brain tumors.  Of course, the enemy used that to scare me as well as the painful pings & pangs throughout my body.  But Holy Spirit, You are SO WONDERFULLY KIND to remind me what my Kenyan Mama Lucy Muya ALWAYS lovingly encouraged me TO ALWAYS TRUST & BELIEVE ESP. AS SHE EAGERLY SHARED ABOUT PEOPLE’S SUPERNATURAL HEALINGS –

Believe ONLY the REPORT of the Lord! (The Report of the Lord is His Word/thee Bible & the Holy Spirit’s witness to my spirit)

Holy Trinity, thank You for being my BESTEST FRIEND WHO WALKS RIGHT NEXT TO ME!  Darling Daddy God, you rejoice over me as You see me walk in APEX GRACE — thank You for blessing me with this term that SO REFLECTS YOU!

AMAZINGLY PERFECTLY ENJOYABLY XTRAORDINARY GRACE – Father, you are Amazing; Jesus, you are perfect so I am already perfect in the eyes of Trinity; and Holy Spirit, You are definitely Enjoyable – we have so much fun in the spirit!  This is something I’ve always desired & always felt I fell short too often…but You make ALL THINGS RIGHT IN YOUR PERFECT TIME!  Amazing FATHER, Perfect SON, Enjoyable HOLY SPIRIT – you are the 3 persons who make up the God-head of (e)Xtraordinary GRACE!  What INCREDIBLE INSIGHT YOU GIVE ME!!!  Thank You for your loving & gentle reminder for me to give you THE FIRST FRUITS OF MY TIME.  The only t& sleep so He will have an EXTRAVAGANT SENSE of your power, grace, love, joy AND RENEWED STRENGTH SOARING ON EAGLE’S WINGS.  Bless  Him with a marvelous day of peace.

Thank you for this morning’s time/devo with You which was quite appropriate regarding the challenges we face…AND OH WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE “A LEAP OF FAITH” as my Hunk of Love Golden Gilbert Brian Doerksen discussed & prayed last night.  WE DECLARE THAT YOU ARE THE CENTER OF DTC (Doerksen Tomada Clan) and that in YOUR PERFECT TIME, YOU WILL TRANSFORM GUAHAN TO BE A 100% CHRISTIAN NATION.  Thank You that You are already in the process of sanctifying Your Guahan United Kingdom Builders to accomlish the MISSION of GATHERING WORSHIPPERS FROM EVERY NATION, TRIBE & TONGUE!  Mission only exists because Worship doesn’t (a.k.a. the earth is still to be FULLY FILLED OF YOUR GOLDEN GLORIOUS GLORY by the ones You lovingly created in your perfect, creative image!)

Sorrowful, yet ALWAYS REJOICING,

Yours foremost then Golden’s Miracle Miamahal Miawok Yahmmei 😀 (trivia…what does “ah” mean in Hebrew?)

—-my devo from Wisdom Hunters date 11/17/2012 in the subscription email—-

Someone may be in debt to you. They may owe you money, a reputation, an apology, a job, or a childhood. But God is asking you to let go and let Him. Let Him handle this. He has a payment plan for those who are in debt to his children. It may mean He wipes their slate clean with minimal repercussions. It may mean their stiff neck forces God to bring them to the end of themselves through trials and tribulations. Or, it may mean that what awaits them is an eternity of reaping in hell what has been sown on earth. But God’s position is one of judge and jury. You do not have to carry this burden or responsibility. Your role is to forgive and to trust God with the proper judgment and consequence.Life gets complicated and draining when we take on the responsibility of making sure a person gets what he deserves. This is arrogant and unwise on our part. How can we know what others deserve for their injustices, neglect, and self-absorption? Our role is not to play God, but to serve God. Playing God is a never-ending disappointment. We were not made for that role. Only the Almighty can fill these shoes. And He does have it under control. There is no indiscretion or blatant injustice that is off His radar screen of sensitivity. He picks up on every “little” sin.So, rest in the assurance of knowing God will pay back in His good timing and in His good way. Give this person or issue over to God. Do not bear the responsibility of executing payback time. Your role is to forgive and let go. God’s role is to establish a payment plan of justice and judgment. Yes, your parents may have blown it through their own selfish tirades. Their immature choices may have built up over time and led to divorce. Because of their indiscretions and unwise decisions, you grew up in a less than favorable home environment. But look at their faces. The hurt and the consequences are etched in their countenances. The results of their wrongs have caught up with them. They need your grace and forgiveness. Be a good son or daughter, and by this you may facilitate healing for your parents’ soul. Sin has its own harvest of heartache, not to mention breaking the heart of the heavenly Father. Trust God with your parents. Let Him worry about what they deserve.

You can bring reconciliation to a fractured family relationship by forgiving. Once you have forgiven, trust God to administer whatever punishment He sees as fitting. He may see a broken and contrite heart in your offender that leads to their salvation and freedom in Christ. Your forgiveness and unconditional love may be the very thing God uses to illustrate what they can experience up close and personal. Forgive and give. Forgive them of their hurt, insensitivity, and selfishness; then give them over to God. Trust Him with His repayment plan. He owns the payback process. His vengeance may be swift, it may be delayed, or it may be dissolved. Regardless, you do the right thing, and trust God to do the same. Vengeance is His, not ours. Payback time is up to God. We have enough in our own lives to consider. Pray for yourself and others to avoid falling into the hands of the living God, for it is a dreadful thing.

Taken from the November 18th reading in the 365-day devotional book, “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”…

Post/Tweet: Our role is not to play God, but to serve God. His judgment is best.

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