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Detox Is Key

One of the things I failed to realize, which I hope others can avoid, is the absolute importance of detoxification in the pursuit of healing.  I was so focused on the cure that I did not fully grasp how much I needed to clean up my body from all the toxicity it had accumulated over time.

Of course, in the early days I had not realized the possible causes of my cancer since I was unaware of certain factors that contributed to my condition.  I  pretty much felt like what another cancer patient said, “I felt like I just stood up, and someone threw a cancer ball that hit me.”

At that time, I thought I was fairly healthy in my diet and others thought so too.  I do know I was lacking in the exercise department, and bordering on the side of overdoing-it with my part time jobs and other multi-tasking habits.  All this plays a part in toxicity and wearing out the immune system.

So, in the early days I knew detox was important but not that important.  Now that I’m just 10 days away from my 3rd month of operation-c or OC (what I will now name this journey of healing from cancer), I am putting credit where it is due which is to detox my body.  It’s time to get clean!

(Note: One book that shed light on the importance of detox is A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook by Dave Frahm)