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2013 is Gonna Be “D” BEST Year Yet!


May this 2013 be the year that we all make action plans to fulfill Ephesians 2:10 for the Kingdom!

“For you are God’s workmanship created anew in Christ Jesus TO DO GOOD (KINGDOM-CENTRIC) WORKS which He planned long ago SO THAT YOU WILL WALK IN THEM!” (M translation)


Every fiber of MY BEING DELIGHTS IN YOU HOLY FATHER, LOVING BROTHER, & BFF SPIRIT:-D  Thank You for the most wonderfulC celebration with my Golden, Xanerai & Kecione.  I AM TRULY RICH for being blessed with DTC.  We honor & praise you this morning APEXgrace for You are SO RICH IN MERCY & LOVE towards we who are so UNDESERVING.

Thank you for such a productive day for the boys and I yesterday as we prepared for the new year by tidying up our dwelling place.  Thank You for sustaining me despite my fatigue & sporadic ailments.  Thanx that I god to do my e-treatment which proved to me again its value & that I got to listen to the X-hedonism on Prayer & Bible which of course You perfectly brought to my attention at the RIGHT place & at the RIGHT time!  You have been SO DOING THIS FOR ME since my birthday July 25th!  What a delight to live in the Friendliest Place in the Galaxy (FPG)!  Thank You for all the wonderful people here both old & new – each one is a precious blessing to DTC!  Bless each of them immensely for their ongoing fervent prayers and reaching out to help us during our trying season.

How do I love thee, let me gush the ways…

  • You are Superbly Full of Joy & my maximum happiness can only be found in You (thank You for JP who articulated that Truth which has resided in me since my teen years:-D
  • You are so filled with hopeful surprises.  In particular I speak of the hope You gave me in the weakest link in my life – homemaking – this is EXTREMELY challenging for me.  So many times I feel helpless, clueless & hopeless.  I constantly cry out to you & thank You that even though I go through a myriad of emotional travesties to fulfill this calling/season of life, You give APEXgrace to endure.  Thank You for working to restore this area of my life as I have been mostly absent in homemaking since the diagnosis Dec. 2009.  Our DTC looks to You this 2013 for a renewed vision the way we had left for YWAM in 2010 & EVEN WAY BETTER!  Thank You for our family devo Sun. night 12/30 where we discussed what 2 Resolves we wanted to do (ala Jonathan Edwards) for 2013.  Then You delighted our DTC @ church with our “Come Thou Fount Family” hymn & a TRULY PERFECT MESSAGE on commitment which was what You have been brewing in us this last several days as we grew increasingly distasteful with our mediocrity in our home.  So, Daddy God, pls. fire the flame of vibrant faith in our home & pls. give each one of us wisdom what RESOLVES to pursue (i.e. Scriptures) & have a plan for success.  Help us recognize the right people who will lovingly keep us accountable with APEXgrace.  Pls. provide All-gifts-Spirit-filled Bible/Prayer soaked people who have GOD-SIZE FAITH & VISION that keeps at TOP PRIORITY your Kingdom of gathering worshippers from every nation, tribe & tongue.

    “Christianity and the Three Chairs: The Truth About the Consequences of Compromise” – Joshua 24:14-15; Judges 2:6-15

  • You are INCREDIBLE in such INTRICATE PERSONAL INTIMATE MANNERS that bring about the RIGHT PEOPLE, OPPORTUNITIES & RESOURCES @ the BEST TIME!  So the rest of this list is about Your IMPECCABLE TIMING that has truly lessened my daily concerns!!!
  • You are the GREATEST RESOURCE!  Thanx so much for Blueprint For Life that is helping shape the Xtras Klub philosophy of W2L.  Bless our family this year with prosperity in all areas: spiritually, relationally, physically, financially, and professionally for we desire that Your Kingdom virtues is OUR central focus.  Give us strength & wisdom to live this out MOMENT BY MOMENT.  Pls. provide all the resources we need to articulate our Kingdom-centric DTC vision & plan & please provide the best channel to finance it starting this month so we can realize our dreams this summer for CDG, vow renewals & ipop…this is a GOD-SIZE DREAM REQUIRING GOD-SIZE FAITH, so help us God!
  • You redeem ALL things – NOTHING is wasted in Your economy even in loss or terminal illness and I am still hopeful & have faith for my COMPLETE HEALING of stage 4 lung & brain cancer that I shall have proof someday.  I believe YOUR REPORT – there is no cancer in heaven & by faith our familie DTC seeks Your will on earth as it is in Heaven.  Thank You for leading me to this video series I’m going through for such a time as this  – pls. strengthen YOUR ROYALTY to WALK IN OUR BFF’S SPIRIT’S giftings so that there is a widespread manifestation of APEXgrace with miracles.

Charles and Frances Hunter – How To Heal The Sick

  • YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING!  Since my youth, I’ve always prayed & longed for a kindred spirit gal pal similar to the Anne of Green Gables…thank You for my “Diana” whom I met last year using while I was receiving natural treatment from Tom’s company.  As a customer, we’ve mostly interacted because of my orders.  I was always impressed with her excellent service but I’ve not been in touch with their company since about April 2011 & I saw her at the Do Hard Things Youth Conference @ Th Rock July 2011.  Three days ago Dec. 29 (Sat) I finally got around to make a phone order for Lutimax from since my most recent MRI Oct. 21st showed slight growth in the larger brain tumors of the 25+ lesions (that I call canCURE😀 NOT cancer).  I found out from “Heavenly” (the French meaning of her name) that Tom passed away almost exactly a year ago.  We ended up talking for 1 hour & 45 minutes!  WOW!  That is rare for me…You are so wonderful to sing over me Daddy God, giving me a sister in Christ with a kindred spirit of being completely immersed in the Kingdom agenda while basking in “scandalous GRACE” (her term:-D).  We so delighted in YOUR WORD & WORK in Tom’s life, hers, mine & others/Your mission.  It felt so celestial as if I was in a cafe in the heavenlies hanging out with my gal pal in eternity!  WOW!  So much to look forward to!  I was so simply thrilled how easily our conversation flowed & at every turn it was all about YOUR MARVELOUS DEEDS OF GRACE!  THANK YOU (*infinity) for that Spirit-filled refreshing time that ended with a magnificent prayer of declaring undaunting faith in You!  Thank You for the immense blessing You gave through her as she proliferated with testimonies of Your GOODNESS in her life being so authentic which can be such a rare find among women…what a joy we had delighting in You as we shared humbling stories with authenticity.  We both fully acknowledge that we are MOST DESPERATE FOR YOU & without you, we would be utterly wicked and forsaken.  THANK YOU JESUS THAT THIS IN NOT SO!  WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!
Well, Trinity, I am so glad we spent this precious first hour of the year together.  Thank You for being my JOY.  You alone are worthy of ALL GLORY, HONOR & PRAISE!