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Kool Kecione



Thank you so much for a delightful evening bonding with my Kuchicakes.  As the boys were getting ready for bed, I challenged K to brush his teeth with me for 7 min since he said that I brush my teeth for an “hour”.  I smiled remembering how kids experience/perceive time very slowly.  So if he was able to do that, he would get a prize.  We finished brushing in about 5 min. & he got the prize.  Then somehow, we ended up talking about spiritual matters – THANK YOU!  He explained to me that when he prays/talks to you he doesn’t hear anything & like I’ve told him in the past, You talk to him thru Your Word & people & ESP. during Peace/Devo time.  I shared with him about Your word in the Psalms to “BE STILL & KNOW I AM GOD” & that it means that we wait to listen to what God has to say.  Thank You Holy Spirit about my notebook where I would write what You were saying to me during the Dawson-style intercessory prayer in 2010.  Unfortunately, I had the wrong notebook coz I have 2 identical ones.  Instead, I shared about the word of knowledge I received at SD 1st Assembly where I prayed for healing while I was in the wheelchair & the first time I went to a service where I had to lay down on the pew for most of the service.  You said, “BE FAITHFUL & TRUST ME”.  Then K & I talked about what faithful means.  Thank you for showing me how truly brilliant my son is by the way he responds.  He told me that faithful is being thankful & both are rhyming words – that’s the part I remember for now.  Then he raised his voice when I asked more question – I was trying to milk this teaching moment (thanks for Colleen’s unschooling chit-chat).  I think you were giving me a glimpse of how sweet home(un)schooling would be someday.

Thank You Ames’ email this morning.  Thank You that she shone brightly at the Olympics for Your glory.  Pls. help us connect soon.  Thank You that both boys ended up staying home from school today as we had a peaceful day together – THE BEST DAY SO FAR!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!  Just to think that last week, I was sitting on the floor teary eyed & head bowed as I whispered a desperate “God, help me, IDK what to do…” as the boys waited right in front of me as I tried to instruct them because they were constantly annoying each other.  Thank You for the mothering encouragement you give me thru Ate Bex – thank you that we are so alike in some ways & different in special ways & to top it off it was super easy to connect from the get-go:-)  You know how I struggle in my role so thank You for giving me a wonderful mentor; I was blessed to hear how she perceived K since the boys stayed with their family for 2 days last month.  Help me record these moments & HS pls. bring it to my remembrance.

Grant quick recovery for DBG & give him wisdom how he spends his time tomorrow.  GRANT US ALL WITH PEACEFUL SLUMBER.  Thank You for the 2 devos I had with boys – & the one just an hour ago when X was reading the JC passage & I was lightly scratching both their backs.  Thank You for these great treasures.  Thank You that GEM are growing in grace even during the worst days like last Sunday.  Help me recall & record that incident so I will learn from it.

Pls. bless all the laborers in the fronties & pls. continue to build up more laborers for the plentiful harvest.  In Jesus’ mighty AMAZING name, AMEN:-)

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