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IMAGO DEI: Repentance So Sweet

Oh Lord, You are the Most High Gentleman Who Sings Over Me with Praise!!! This past week has been a challenging time wholistically and You are so gracious and merciful towards my wickedness.

You have slowly and lovingly opened my eyes in all the ways I have dishonored You. Thank You Holy Spirit for “IMAGO DEI”, your loving phrase to remind me of Your mighty work in me & others. Thank You for using Papa Piper to speak about living life in the “MERCY OF GOD”….

How Justified Sinners Love Each Other

I LOVE HOW YOUR WORD LEADS ME TO JOYFUL REPENTANCE. I wept this morning with tears of sorrow for maligning You for all those years I never quite realized.  Yet I am overjoyed that GRACE & TRUTH in You JESUS GIVES ME YOUR LOVE & PEACE EVERLASTING!  And O, Sweet Holy Spirit You are in Me giving me the desire growth and giving me the power to do so (Phil. 2:13)!

I humbly ask that You keep me relying upon You every step of the way, especially when attacked by the adversary. Keep mom & I safe during our travel.  Lord, we commit these requests to you:

  1. Warm tropical climate:-D
  2. Give us favor to accomplish the medical and residential needs in a timely manner.
  3. Experience the benefit of Lifestream immediately & have cost-effective assessments & treatments throughout.
  4. Receive the boys Christmas gifts.
  5. A time of restful retreat with YOU!
  6. Have quality fellowship with my Tomada Loves & those You bring our way.
I pray for DTC & family we leave behind that You will bless this time and work in their hearts to draw close to You.  Thank You for answering these prayers for Your glory.  In Jesus name, Amen. (g.1.15.13.T.10:17p)
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