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Blueprint 4 Life!


Daddy God,

You are awesome & worthy of all honor & praise.  These last few days have been up & down with moments of extreme regret esp. in how I treated my beloveds when I was hungry or tired…pls. send respite soon:-D

Thank you that I didn’t wallow in judgment but prayed even in my wickedness & you OF COURSE delivered me.  It was further affirmed when I finally got the chance to listen to Joseph Prince who is so much like Andre.  Daddy, please send someone like them with Piper/DesiringGod-based person to be the next PIU prez.  Thank You for the life changing event that occured last week in w/c DTC became independent, struggled thru disagreement, lost it like the bad old days & quickly regained it in a matter of 30min.  It involved people keeping safe while another was engaged in spiritual warfare and so thankful for having such a kind-hearted understanding spouse.  It was a marvelous & humbling lesson on having confidence in your calling & discerning Your timing with approriate leadership/accountability & how you affirmed this in the aftermath devos & circumstances.  I had longed so much for a retreat, probably a yearning borne from the unresolved lost years of upbringing.  Despite a successful spiritual battle, it did not come to pass and you did it in such a loving & kind way that I felt so secure in you & not harrased by previous fears.  YOU ARE INDEED SO AMAZING!  The expectant friends were so gracious in responding to me & ever so ready to offer financial help & otherwise to make my goal a reality.  But I knew by then that God’s timing is perfect & He showed me the way:-D

It has been quite rough having to stay behind in my cluttered surroundings (thank You that it slightly improves daily).  Thank You esp. for giving me insight tonight after I blew it this morning muttering a lot of regretful words like the bad old days when I’d succumb to my initial reaction coz “i was right to do so”.  Once again, you lead me to the right resources of ordering “Blueprint for Life Study Kit” which further affirmed Your hand upon my life.  I’ve only heard 2 of the 9 sermons & it was so reassuring & convicting – You spoke SO CLEARLY through Andy & Tony.  I pray my family & I will be channels of this message to others.  So much to say but I need to go to bed.  Help me recall as needed!  LOVE U! G’nite…SO GRATEFUL  I AM YOUR BELOVED DAUGHTER WHO RECEIVES INSTRUCTION & EXTRAVAGANT FAVOR FROM YOU DADDY!

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