About Mia

Hmmm…where to start?  “About Me” is like getting asked on live TV the question, “Who are you?”

Well…I was born in the Philippines, grew up on Guam and have lived in SoCal and Hawaii (Big Island).  Currently I’m in the Philippines pursuing affordable treatments and cancer cures.  I am married to a Knight-in-shining-Islandwear from Canada and we are absolutely blessed with two sensational sons, ages 4 & 6 as of March 2010, so far.  I have experienced many things that I consider ‘above and beyond what I can ever ask for or imagine’.  I’ve also had some drama but the JOY exceeds the disappointments.  God has generously brought many wonderful people across my path – from acquaintances to kindred spirits who have truly enriched my life.  Most of all, I have spent more than half of my life walking with JC.  I am forever grateful.

A quote I came across just days before encountering my cancer diagnosis was “Life’s interruptions are God’s invitations” (Live Life on Purpose by Claude Hickman).  Needless to say, it may have been an epiphany.  These days, as I paddle through the range of emotions that come along with any life-turning-point, I hope & pray for God’s grace overflowing in me to experience TOTAL healing in this segment of life’s journey.

Here’s Mia today on July 2011.

Mia's new look!

Tagaytay, Philippines Feb. 2010D Family